Welcome to the Millbrae 2040 General Plan Website!

The General Plan Update is once-in-a-generation opportunity to shape the next 25 years of Millbrae’s growth and change. This citywide process will create a new vision that is inclusive and reflects the needs and dreams of all our citizens.  How can the City improve your quality of life? How can the city enhance public services and infrastructure? Where should people live and work within the city? How will changes in the city influence the future for your children?  With your participation the General Plan Update will answer these and many other questions about our future!

The General Plan guides the physical development of the city. Its policies provide a framework within which individuals, businesses, and public officials make decisions that are consistent with the community’s vision for the future. We have to make sure that Millbrae grows in a healthy, sustainable, and resilient way. In order to succeed, WE need YOU! Please explore our website for more information and ways you can engage in this important process. We hope you are a part of the City’s effort to craft the new General Plan for our community’s future.

Project Update

In 2020, the Millbrae 2040 General Plan continues to move ahead. The next steps in the Project include completing the Priority Development Area Specific Plan (Phase 5) and the General Plan Policy Document (Phase 6).