Online Forum

Stay tuned! We will continue posting new questions on the Online Forum throughout the General Plan Update process.

The City wants to hear from as many residents as possible. Sign-up and join the discussion today! You will be prompted to sign-up and log-in to participate in the Online Forum.

What is the Online Forum?

The Online Forum is an online community engagement tool that allows you to communicate with City leaders, friends, family members, and neighbors about the issues you care about. Use the Online Forum to share your ideas on how Millbrae should grow and develop over the next 25 years from your personal computer, tablet, or smart phone.

Why do I Need to Create an Account?

Each participant in the Online Forum needs to create an account. By creating an account, you will help ensure the Online Forum is a productive tool for the City. It will also ensure input provided by participants is representative of Millbrae’s residents. The Online Forum allows participants to see each other’s comments and provide responses, creating an interactive atmosphere.

What is the Vision and Guiding Principles?

The goal of the vision and guiding principles is to capture the City’s key values and ambitions for the future of Millbrae. The vision statement paints a picture of what Millbrae aspires to be 25 years from now. The guiding principles establish how the City will achieve the vision. The vision and guiding principles will guide the General Plan Update process.